•  Married to Jan since 1966
  •  Three children, seven grandchildren, and one great granddaughter
  •  Jan and I reside in Ballwin, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis

  •  B.A. in Bible and Theology
  •  M.A. in Adult Education
  •  Ph.D. in Church Administration

Ministry Experience
  •  Four years as a missionary in Latin America
  •  Five years at international mission headquarters
  •  Four years on senior staff of the Christian Medical & Dental Associations
  •  Remaining years as a pastor in The Wesleyan Church
  •  Retired in 2013

  •  Ham Radio (www.k4eq.net)
  •  Building radios
  •  Writing
  •  Playing the keyboard (absolutely, positively for my own enjoyment)
  •  Target shooting